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Welded Pad Type Indicator

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Welded Pad Indicator

Welded Pad Type Indicator

Model No. : MI - 07

The Welded Pad Type Level Indicators are used where conventional gauge and valve construction is impractical because of solid matter in suspension, under conditions where the thermal error caused by piping to a gauge glass cannot be tolerated or where space requirements suggest their use. Included are applications involving high vibration, highly viscous liquids or liquids with considerable amounts of solids.


The Welded Pad Type Level Indicator unit is designed to be welded directly onto a tank or other liquid containing vessel. Standard Liquid Level Gauge units are furnished with a flat bottom. Upon request the unit can be machined with a cylindrical radius to match the contour of the vessel. The Liquid Level Gauges are available in single or multiple types.

Gauge Classification

Body MaterialGasket MaterialPressureTemperature
Carbon SteelEPDM 20 Kg/cm2-25°C to 150°C
TFE 20 Kg/cm2-25°C to 240°C
Viton 20 Kg/cm2-25°C to 205°C
Silicone 20 Kg/cm2-25°C to 240°C
AISI 316 SSEPDM 40 Kg/cm2-50°C to 150°C
TFE 40 Kg/cm2-40°C to 240°C
Viton 40 Kg/cm2-25°C to 205°C
Silicone 40 Kg/cm2-55°C to 240°C

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